First attempt, graphics manipulation

Why did you choose the photos from flickr?

I chose the two photos from flickr because it seemed easy to work with. One picture is the landscape of Canadian Academy students roaming around the temple in Nara. I was planning to mash up an image of a deer into the landscape, until I found a picture of Japanese students listening to a teacher. I thought the second picture of the student and teacher would be interesting to work with.

Describe the PLAN you made to create your mash-up (to be done BEFORE starting)

The plan I made to create my mash-up was to first play around with photoshop and test many tools. Then I chose the landscape with many people in front of a temple so it will be easy to mash it up with a picture of people. So, first I crop a photo of myself from a picture. Then I use only my head and place it onto one of the student’s head. I first decided to add a picture of a deer with my face on it onto the picture of the landscape. I planned to make the mash-up realistic so people would not notice the three photos were photoshopped together.

Identify the tools you used during the process (both ones you knew as well as ones you discovered or experimented with that were new)

I used the eraser many times, the magnetic lasso tool, and free transform button. The eraser helped me get rid of unnecessary things in the image and erase small parts of the image. I have never used the magnetic lasso tool but it was very useful. The magnetic lasso tool traces the outline of any object of your choice so it is easy to select that object by itself.

Do you feel your final mash-up met your plan well?

I think my final mash-up met my plan pretty well. The final photograph looks realistic and I do not think people can notice that three photos were photoshopped together, unless it is observed very closely. I was able to place my face onto one of the students and place those students onto the landscape. By using the eraser, the photo looks more realistic.

What specific things to you want to learn how to do in terms of manipulating graphics?

Some other specific things I want to learn how to do in terms of manipulating graphics are changing the skin tone of faces so they match the skin color of the body and change a few things on the faces. It was hard for me to combine my face to one of the japanese students body because the skin tone was slightly different. So, I would like to learn how to change the color of certain objects and which tools I should use, so the person would look more realistic.

One thought on “First attempt, graphics manipulation

  1. Yurika, you’ve done very good work here – a very solid base on which you can build and develop further assignments such as this one. The only thing would be to provide as many details as possible throughout (in this case, the section about tools and processes could have gone further); more information is better in this context. Nevertheless, you’ve done well on this first attempt.

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