Ads and Counter-Ads: Investigate

Mist. Make Life More Flavorful. (December 16, 2007)

Sports Illustrated.

In this media there is an image of a crowd of people drinking whisky together, happily, at a restaurant. An image of a bottle of whisky “Canadian Mist” , along with three other glasses of whisky blended with different types of ingredients. The recipe of “Misty Sour” along with the ingredients: ” Misty Sour: 1 1/2 oz. Canadian Mist, 3 oz. sweet and sour mix, Orange wheel, maraschino cherry. Combine ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain into a glass over ice. Garnish with an orange wheel and a cherry.” The logo “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about mixability.” Another logo “Mist, Make Life More Flavorful.” and “Enjoy Life. Drink Mist Responsibly.” The words: “For more delicious recipes visit:” Some possible subtexts are: Drinking makes you happy. Drinking helps you get closer with your family, friends and neighbors.  You can enjoy life by drinking Canadian Mist (whisky). Whisky makes your life more “flavorful”.

This ad was from the magazine Sports Illustrated, a magazine for adults and young adults who likes sports. The Canadian Mist company put this ad into this magazine to target adults and young teens to drink more whisky. In this ad, there is an image of a group of happy people all drinking whisky with the logos “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about mixability.”  and “Mist, Make Life More Flavorful.” and “Enjoy Life. Drink Mist Responsibly.” The message of this ad is that by drinking whisky, it will help your relationship with friends, families and neighbors get better. Also, by drinking this Canadian Mist, it will make your life more fun and “flavorful”. They are trying to get people to buy their alcohol because it will help make good relationships with your peers and give you a great life. According to, “Regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol can damage your body, social life and relationships.” This proves that drinking does not make everyones relationship with others better and it does not always make your life better. This ad can affect the mental health of people because it will make many people feel that drinking is the key to have good relationship with others. This can lead some people to want to drink more or get caught binge drinking. According to the information I have gathered in health class, binge drinking is drinking heavily in a very short amount of time and often give harmful outcomes (passing out, getting into fights/arguments, feeling depressed, and memory loss).

Unknown Author. (2010). Teenage binge drinking effects & alcohol risks. Retrieved February 15, 2011, from,+smoking+&+alcohol/Binge+drinking/

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