Ads and Counter-Ads: Design

I have come up with a  variety of reasonable possibilities of how I could manipulate the ad to make it show “the truth” of what’s being said/sold. The first idea is to change the face expressions on the group of people drinking whisky. The ad shows four people enjoying time together while drinking. But to make it show “the truth” I would like to show how drinking whisky does not lead to good relationships. I think this would be effective and show the audience how drinking is not the solution to good relationships with either friends, families, and even neighbors. Also by changing their expressions,  it will change the situation into a dark and unhappy image and help attract attention to the audience. Along with the manipulated image, I could change the logo “Mist. Make Life More Flavorful.” to “Mist. Make Life More Miserable.” I would like to convey that drinking whisky does not make your life much better but instead, it could make your life worse. This would help people notice that Mist (whisky) will not make your life more “flavorful” but it will make your life miserable because it could effect your health, relationships, and body, as well. My second possibility is to change the bottle of whisky into a bottle with a skeleton sign to signify how it can harm people if its taken. Also, I would change the colors of the liquid so it does not look pretty and will not look delicious so the audience would not like to taste it. In the end, I made an choice to use the first possibility because I think it will best show the audience how drinking this Canadian Mist whisky will not lead you to a happy relationship and could change your life negatively. I would like to use this idea to show “the truth” behind this Canadian Mist (whisky) ad.

One thought on “Ads and Counter-Ads: Design

  1. You’ve presented two fairly distinct options here, but your discussion of the second is a little limited, and you’ve not really addressed issues connected with the health concerns you identified in your “Investigate” post in very much detail in either case. These missing elements would help to justify your choice much more clearly.

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