Ads and Counter-Ads: Plan

The software I have chosen to document my manipulation is photoshop because I am more aware of the tools in photoshop than Gimp. These are the steps I will follow in order to successfully create my chosen manipulation: Firstly, I will change the faces of the four main people  in the image by tracing their faces with the magnetic lasso tool. The magnetic lasso tool will be easy to use because it automatically puts some points around the object you want to select. After I have selected the faces, I will click on “Liquify” to alter the faces.  After going to “Liquify”, I will manipulate the faces so their expression is darker and not as healthy as the original ones. I will make the teeth of each person yellow and perhaps show dark circles under the eyes to show that drinking is not very healthy as well.  I will then change the Logo of my ad. I will crop the Logo out of  the ad and then enter the text I have created onto the ad. I will make sure the font and the color of my text is the same as the original logo. I hope this manipulation plan will be successful in showing “the truth” behind this ad.

One thought on “Ads and Counter-Ads: Plan

  1. A good presentation of the steps you plan to follow, including your choice of resource (Photoshop) and reasons why you made that choice. Well done.

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