Ads and Counter-Ads: Create #1

The manipulation process was slightly different from what i have planned. I decided to manipulate several logos from the ad using photoshop, instead of just changing the main one.  I used the spot healing brush tool to erase the unnecessary texts in the logo I wanted to change. After using the healing brush tool I used the horizontal type tool to enter some text and changed the fonts to make sure they were the same as the original font of the logo.

  • From “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about mixability.” to “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about getting drunk.”
  • From ” Mist. Make Life More Flavorful.” to “Mist. Make Life More Miserable.”
  • From ” Enjoy Life. Drink Mist Responsibly.” to “Destroy Life. Can’t Drink Mist Responsibly.”

By changing these logos, I think it would help show “the truth” behind this ad.  During this process, I had trouble erasing texts after I inserted a text. But later on, I found out that I need to add another layer in order to insert other words and go back to the background layer to erase the texts. This is what my ad looks like so far:

One thought on “Ads and Counter-Ads: Create #1

  1. A very detailed description of your process, and your mention of “difficulties” you had is a good addition. Be sure to refer to you plan as you keep working, noting both how well you’re following the steps and what, if any, modifications you end up making. A very good start to this stage of the process.

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