Ads and Counter-Ads: Create #2

The next step I have planned was to change the expressions on the faces of the four main people in the middle to make the environment less jolly. So, I used several tools to change the faces on one lady to experiment how I can make her expression less happy to show how drinking does not always result with a good relationship with others. In photoshop, I first used the Magnetic Lasso Tool to select the woman’s face and clicked Liquify to manipulate her face. I changed her smile into a frown and raised her eyebrow to make her look furious by using the Forward Warp Tool. Then, I added some yellow to the woman’s teeth as well as the man’s by using the brush tool. It was easier to work with the brush tool with the brush window open (which can be found in window then brushes). This brush window shows many different brush tip shapes and allows you to find a good brush to work with. I used the soft round 9 pixels brush tip to change the white teeth into a yellow/brownish colored teeth. I was able to change the color by clicking on the set foreground color box which is located on the bottom of the standard tool bar and choosing the right color to prove how drinking is not healthy. I repeated this process to change the expressions of the other three peoples face’s.  This is the section I have changed in class today:

This is what the section of the ad looked like after I changed the other people’s faces:

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