Ads and Counter-Ads: Create #3

Although I have completed everything listed in my manipulation plan for this ad, I decided to change the color to express how the environment can become worse from drinking. To change the background into a darker color, I first chose to change the color of the forward color box which is at the bottom of the standard tool bar into black and then use the paint brush to color the ad. But after experimenting with the brush tool, I later found an easier way to change the color without having to take much time. I first went to filter gallery and selected a sprayed strokes which automatically changed the shade of the whole ad into a darker color. I think by changing the shade of the ad, it allows the audience to see how drinking does not always lead friendships and relationships with others into good situations.

This is what the ad looks like after I have manipulated the shade/color:

One thought on “Ads and Counter-Ads: Create #3

  1. Again, good description of what was done with what tool and how it fit in with your plan (and in this case, how it didn’t originally but made sense to be included in the end). Well done.

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