Ads and Counter-Ads: Evaluate

My initial analysis of the ad is that it is trying to force people to buy their alcohol and persuade them that drinking can lead to good relationships with friends, your families and others and can let you enjoy your life more.  It could effect people’s mental health because it will make them eager to buy the alcohol to “enjoy” life and make more relationships with others. Also, it can make people want to buy alcohol since it will make people have perfect teeth like the people shown in the ad. Many can start binge drinking and effect their physical health as well. It can effect the physical health by changing people into unhealthier bodies, increase in dizziness, memory loss, and can result many to do things they do not remember doing. Also, drinking too much can result people to be involved in fights with other peers and effect close relationships with friends. The ad can make also make people addicted to drinking and make many depressed. Overall, this ad is offensive to many people because it does not show “the truth” which is that drinking does not make your life great or make good relationship with others.

The effect of my “true” version of the ad on its intended audience is to show how drinking is not always the solution to a good relationship with your peers and does not always allow you to enjoy life. Unlike the original ad, I changed the mood of the entire ad into a dark environment to express how drinking does not always lead to happy, fun and jolly surroundings. Also, I changed the color of the teeth of the people to show how drinking does not give you perfect white teeth more a very handsome/pretty face if you drink too much. I’ve manipulated the logos to state the “truth” behind drinking. “Mist. Make Life More Miserable.” states how drinking too much can cause harm to your life and can make your life more miserable. “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about getting drunk.” expresses how this ad is trying to tell the audience that the drink Mist is not going to help you get closer with others but it will help get everyone drunk and can cause the environment to become dark and un-happy.  The last logo that I’ve manipulated was “Destroy Life. Can’t Drink Mist Responsibly.” this states that drinking can destroy your life because it can ruin relationships, get you to binge drink, make you do things you will later regret and that once you drink mist, you will not be able to control yourself because you will be drunk and uncontrollable of your body. In general, I think my “true” version of the ad reveals the truth behind the ad that drinking is not a right choice to have good relationships with others.

I feel that my final product is effective because I think it shows “the truth” of the ad. I think I have manipulated the logos of the ad very well. From, “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about mixability.” to “Family. Friends. Neighbors. It’s all about getting drunk.” As well as, “Mist. Make Life More Flavorful.” into “Mist. Make Life More Miserable.” And lastly, “Enjoy Life. Drink Mist Responsibly.” to ” Destroy Life. Can’t Drink Mist Responsibly.” I was able to change these logos by using the spot healing brush tool which allowed me to erase text on the original ad. Then I simply added the new logo by clicking on the horizontal text tool located on the standard tool bar. I made sure to use the same color as the original text colors so it will look more natural. For each manipulation of the logo, I had to use a different layer to add a new text as well.  This manipulated logos were good because it allowed the audience to know “the truth” about the ad and how drinking is not always good for both relationships and for your health.

As well as changing the logos on the ad, I also manipulated the faces of some people in the ad and changed the color as well. I experimented on several faces to see  how I can make the expressions less happy to show that drinking can lead to regretful/dark situations. To manipulate the faces of the people, I first selected the face I wanted to change by using the magnetic lasso tool and then clicking on liquify to arrange parts of the faces to change their emotions. The Forward Warp Tool allowed me to change the directions of the eyebrows and make the people frown instead of smiling. I also added a tint of yellow on the people’s teeth by using the brush tool. It was easier to work with the brush tool with the brush window open (which can be found in window then brushes). I changed the color by clicking on the set foreground color box which is located on the bottom of the standard tool bar, and by choosing a dark shade of yellow. With this brush window open, I used the soft round 9 pixels brush tip to color in the white teeth to show that drinking is not healthy. I could have done a better job changing the faces of the people in the ad s0 it looks more natural and more fierce.

As for the change in the color of the ad, it was not planned in my manipulation process. But  I decided to change the color to show more depth of “the truth” behind this ad and how drinking is not always the key to a successful relationship. I had a pretty hard time changing the background color and  experimented with a variety of tools. Later on, I found a tool which can change the shade and color of the whole ad in one second. This tool was found in the filter gallery section and I selected a sprayed strokes which allowed the ad to be darker and a little bit blurred. I thought that it was a great way to express a dark environment and blurred texts to express drunk/ a dizzy feeling you get after drinking. By changing the color/ texture of the ad, it allows the audience to see how drinking does not always lead to good  relationships or environments. Though a negative side of changing the shade and texture of this ad was that some of the smaller texts became unreadable.

Original Ad:                                                               My Final Manipulated Ad:

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