PSA: Design

As much as we want to attract our audience’s attention, we want to show sexual orientation in a serious manner.  One way the PSA can be made is if someone from our group can act out being homosexual and the rest being the other students who discriminate towards him/her. Then we could show the gay teenager telling a friend and being accepted as a homosexual at school. This can be a good PSA except our audience is mainly towards the teenagers and we want them to know that homosexuality is perfectly okay but most teenagers may not take this seriously. The PSA may end up looking like a funny video rather than a serious PSA that proves that being gay is okay.

Another idea our group has come up with is to make the PSA similar to the video “Stand Up 2 Cancer”. In this short clip, it shows small facts and eventually show how many people get cancer in a small group of people. I believe that the clip was very effective and got many teenagers attention and more aware about cancer. So, in order to make our PSA have a good effect on the audience like that short clip, our PSA should be short and succinct with interesting facts about homosexuals/gay people. At the end we can have our slogan its okay to be gay written in big bold letters and let it fade away to end our PSA. I suggested that we could add names of celebrities who support homosexuals/are homosexual with the other facts to grab more attention from the teen audience.

So, rather than having an individual acting out as a homosexual, having a PSA that is succinct and composed of interesting facts seems to be more effective to our teen audience. We also came up with the idea to wear purple for the clip to show how we accept and support gay/homosexual people. We want the PSA to be as serious as it can be so people can somehow change their perspective on people with different sexual orientations. This final decision is the best choice to accomplish the group’s goal because it would bring more awareness to homosexuals and would attract the teenagers to watch.

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