PSA: Plan

From the past few classes, our group has come up with a list of steps and collection of images of how our group is going to create the common raw footage that will be used later on in the project. We will be using Kari’s camera for this project and if we somehow forget to bring it, hopefully we will be able to borrow the schools camera. This is our storyboard:

As you can see from our storyboard, the first 10 shots will be about something light and unrelated to sexual orientation. Then we gradually get into the next few scenes about discrimination against different groups of people. In the final four scenes, it will be about gay people and how “its okay to be gay”.Our costumes for the whole film will be something purple because purple is a color that represents how we support gay people.  In some of the scenes, we will need some extras to play some parts. We will be filming most of this at school unless there is a change of plans to any of the scenes. In most of our scenes we do not have a script because we plan to do a voiceover. In scene 1: A person will be looking out the window pointing at a “UFO” (which will probably be made out of recyclable materials) in a classroom or outside. Scene 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10: one group member will be holding a cardboard with the percent of chance in whatever the scene before it was mentioned and will look happy. It is most likely going to be filmed in the hallway/ somewhere with a white wall in the background (to emphasis the person/cardboard) and will be close up to the person and the cardboard. Scene 3 “Chances of becoming president”: we will have one person at the podium and pretend that they are making a speech, with two “body guards” by the side (suits and sunglasses on). The camera will be focused on the “president” but will be wide enough to have the body guards in view.  Scene 5 “Chances of becoming a pro athlete”: one group member will be dressed in any kind of sport uniform and may have a trophy in hand. Scene 7 “Chances of being possessed by Statan”: one group member (Kari, Kevin, Shunsuke or I) will act as if they are possessed and will be dressed normally. The camera will be focused on the person who is possessed and may show people in the back running away from that person. Scene 9 “Chances of getting your identity stolen”: one person will have their ID card in hand and the camera will zoom in to the ID card to have a close view and another person will steal the ID card to show that their “identity is stolen”. An alternate suggestion brought up to this scene 9 was to have someone hack another persons facebook and the camera can zoom into the computer screen then out on the hacker. Scene 11: one Asian person (one group member) will hold the cardboard with the percentage of people who are discriminated because they are Asian. Scene 12: one light colored skin person and another dark colored skin person will be holding up the cardboard for the “chances of being discriminated because of your skin color”.  Scene 13: we will have four different people with different nationalities to hold the board. In this scene, we will include two extras (possibly one Indian, Japanese, American, and a Filipino). In scene 14: all of our group members will hold the cardboard and will show the percentage of gays/lesbians being discriminated and we will be wearing PURPLE. Scenes 15 and 16 will be a close up of two people talking to briefly show what our PSA is about. Scenes 11~16 will be filmed in the halls where there is a white wall in order to make the person stand out and the people will have serious faces since those scenes are about a serious topic.
  • Friday (the 8th) –> cardboard making.
  • Saturday 9th (after Food and Fun Fair): Filming of the first quarter of the storyboard plan.
  • In class 12th: Continue filming. Close to half way done.
  • In class/after school 19th: 3/4 done.
  • Friday, 22nd (in class/after school):  Any final necessary filming

Editing: April 26th/29th (ALONE)

We thought this schedule will be best suited for our group because it does not overlap with each member’s personal schedule. During this “planning” stage, I have participated by finishing the first two pages of the storyboard pages. I brought my ideas on how to express our information into the storyboard by drawing what I thought was most appealing and understandable. I also found the website for the statistics for the first 10 scenes about the “chances of…”. I also brought up the idea to make the first few shots light and then gradually make the film about discrimination and serious because I thought it will be more appealing to our teenage audience. Kari and I also discussed how we should write some of the information on cardboard and show it to close up so the number can be seen more clearly. We decided to do all the cardboard making during our health class on Friday. I think our plan is very good but it may change during our filming process because of unexpected conflict with the technology (camera), events (APAC), and etc.

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