PSA: Create #1 (Day 1)

On Friday, April 8th, our group worked on the props we will be using for our film. We decided to use cardboard and paint the percentage for each of the “chance of ….”. We got recycled cardboard from the office and our whole group helped cut them out into small rectangles. It was difficult to cut cardboard and it took longer than we expected it would take to make each of the signs. In total, we have to make 16 signs. Today we were able to finish cutting the cardboard and Kari and I completed painting about half of the signs. We all discussed what kind of color and font we wanted to write our signs. I gave an idea of painting the whole thing black and white font, and maybe the last gay/lesbian percentage could be purple. From these ideas, we concluded to paint the last gay percentage with purple font and the rest with black paint. Next class, we are planning to complete painting the rest of the signs and start filming our first few scenes of the film. It was difficult for us to complete making all of the signs because of the short amount of time we had and our lack of knowledge of the amount of time it takes to get all the materials together. As planned in our schedule, we were able to work on our signs but we were not able to finish this task. Unexpectedly, we will continue working on these signs next class and will start filming on that day, as well. Overall, I am satisfied with the work we have accomplished so far.

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