PSA: Create #1 (Day 2)

Today in class, our group finished creating the cardboard signs for our PSA and we started filming. We successfully got a quarter of our filming done. We decided to film in the middle of the atrium with the various flags behind us because we thought that will be good for the scene about the discrimination towards race, ethnicity, etc. We were successful in getting every member of our group to be part of the short film. We just filmed each of us holding up a sign with the percentage on it and made sure to film the same thing twice, just in case the other one turns out bad. I participated in 3 films and also helped film my group members. We were not very successful when we filmed the “asian” scene where a group of asian people gathered around the person with the percentage sign of the amount of asians discriminated because we kept of laughing. It was hard to film with a serious face when we were surrounded by many friends, but we were able to finish that film eventually. It was also hard to film some of the scenes because many people passed by when we were filming so we had to take it over again several times. We are on the right track with the plan we made in the beginning although we ended up not meeting up on Sunday due to some peoples packed schedule. In total, we were able to complete filming 9 scenes. Although we still have a bunch of filming to do, I felt that we were very focused today because we were able to complete more work than expected.

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