PSA: Create #1 (Day 3)

Today in class, we were able to finish 80% of our filming. We were able to film 10 scenes in total: women, men, race/ethnicity, skin color, religion, chances of writing a New York Times best seller, chances of spotting a UFO today, chances of becoming a pro athlete, chances of being considered possessed by Satan and chances of having your identity stolen.  For the percentage holding scenes, we included most of the people from our class as extras and collected a minimum of 6 people per scene. We were successfully able to have a diverse group of people for the skin color, religion and race/ethnicity scene. We had some difficulties with the filming outside because of the lighting but we were eventually able to film perfectly.  Also, it was hard to film in the hallways because many people passed by and we had to re-take a couple of times. We split the UFO and the identity stolen scenes into two takes to make it easier for us to film, yet easy to understand what is happening. I contributed by filming some of the scenes and acting in other scenes. I filmed a couple of the percentage sign holding scenes, the identity stolen scene, New York Times best seller scene, and Kari and I were extra people in the scene with kevin being possessed as Satan. In the pro-athlete scene, we had Shunsuke stand on the bench and filmed around him. This scene turned at very good because the wind was blowing at his face as well. In the UFO scene, we first filmed the UFO (cut out from cardboard) outside and then filmed Kari and Kevin running after it. The identity stolen scene was very successful and turned out to be my favorite scene. We first shot Shunsuke on the laptop with his facebook open and then him stepping out of the scene while holding his stomach. Then, we shot me peeking out from behind and going onto Shunsuke’s facebook and eventually fleeing. We are planning to finish up our filming the gay percentage sign scene, food poisoning scene, president scene, and the food poisoning scene on Friday (possibly on Wednesday as well). Overall, I am very satisfied with the amount of work we have accomplished today.

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