PSA: Create #1 (Day 4)

Today was our last class to film and we finished all of our video shooting. We made sure to wear purple for the last scene where we hold the percentage sign up about the gay/lesbians. We also finished the other president, four leaf clover, and food poisoning. For the president scene, we had Kari stand behind the podium and act as a president. I filmed this scene with the school camera and shot from a low angle to only include the podium in the scene. We had difficulties filming the food-poisoning scene and we did not know how we can show it. I gave an idea where we had Shunsuke eating something and we use a bottle (like Tabasco)  and have someone drop some of it in his food as if it was poison. We covered the Tabasco bottle with a paper with a drawing of a poison mark, with the skeleton. We finally came to a decision where we had Kevin, Shunsuke, and I sitting at the table and then me sneaking something into his bowl of food while kevin distracted him. Then, Shunsuke would fall over and pretend like he was poisoned. Because we were aware of what to accomplish and were comfortable with the filming procedures, we did not have to take more than 2 takes for each scene.  We were successfully able to finish all of our filming just in time and are confident with the work we have accomplished.

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