PSA: Design 2

In order to create my own version of the PSA, I do not want to add too much effects to the PSA and make it very simple, yet appealing to the audience (in this case, teenagers). I want to be able to spread the word of how being gay or having different sexual orientations is okay and that they should be respected the same way as others. There is no right for them to be discriminated just because of their unique sexual orientation besides, their human beings just like the rest.  In the first few “funny scenes”, I will add a playful and happy music in the background. As the serious scenes start, I plan to use a serious, sad, and less-energetic background music to give emphasis on how it is a serious topic.

Some initial research and data collection that my group did as well as elements of the group video work which might have impacted me and my choices. The survey our group sent out to our school had slightly impacted me. Kari and I made the questions in the survey asking if they accept gays and if the school should accept gays as well. I was amazed by the huge majority of the Canadian Academy High School students who answered that they respect gays and think that the CA community should accept the students that are homosexual. Though there was a few students who disagreed with the acceptance of homosexual people, I was very gratified with the large number of people who showed their acceptance of people who have different sexual orientations. Throughout our research on our big question, “What are the causes of discrimination?” I was astonished with the percentage of homosexuals/gays that are discriminated against worldwide (74%).  This static impacted me and I had a stronger urge to spread the word across to respect gays/lesbians and that there is nothing wrong being homosexual. My position at the first days of our project was to work on researching about gays and how they are discriminated against and find any information we can put into the PSA filming. Also, Kari and I were in charge of the surveys and our whole group came up with the idea we were trying to stick with while we filmed our scenes. Some possibilities for my PSA is to make the first few scenes very light-hearted and funny and then gradually move into a more serious topic about discrimination and gays, by changing the mood of the background music. Also, I will make the last scene just words, about gays and how they should be accepted to make emphasis on it and make the PSA have a strong ending.

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