PSA: Create #2 (Day 2)

This was my schedule I have planned until today:
  • May 1: Start working on the serious scenes and use the voiceover to record voice.
  • May 2: Continue working on the serious scenes and use the voiceover to record voice.
  • May 3: Continue working on the funny scenes/ the percentage sign holding scenes that correspond with those funny scenes. Work on the voiceover.
  • May 4: Go over the whole PSA add any details and edit it
I was able to finish these steps very quickly in one day. I was able to shorten and chose the serious scenes and made sure to mute all the films so the voice over will be heard more clearer. This was the tool which became very useful for me in editing the films. This “inspector” tool allowed me to mute the film as well as speed it up and change the lighting. After I have muted the scenes, I recorded my voice with the “voiceover” but I am planning to redo the recording because the volume was not as loud as I expected it to be. The transition tool helped smooth the transition from one film to another very well. I mainly used the fade to black and spin in transition since it was the simplest and was not too fancy. Here are the tools I used: 
I will have to edit my work because it is one second over 60 seconds (the time limit for the final PSA). I also added some text into the PSA: “Don’t discriminate.” and “It’s okay to be gay”. I am still planning to add some music into the serious scenes to add more emphasis/ attention to the audience. I had some difficulty stopping/ cropping the music that was used for the funny scenes, but eventually found the clip trimmer which allowed me to trim the unnecessary length of the song. I am done with editing my films and placing them together, but I still have to edit the complete PSA to make sure it does not go over the time limit and to improve it a little more. 

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