PSA: Create #2 (Day 3)

Today I edited my final PSA as I have planned in my schedule for May 5th and 6th. I had some difficulties keeping my PSA below the maximum time limit (60s) and it took quite some time to be able to find some ways to edit my PSA so it will become shorter. I finally realized I should speed up some of the scenes that were exhaustingly long. I used the inspector tool and converted the entire clip in order to change its speed. I decided to speed up the clip where I am messing around with Shunsuke’s laptop (in the “stealing identity” scene), and it turned out to look pretty good. I made sure the speed showed 200% instead of 100% (original speed). I was successfully able to make my PSA last for 1 min exactly including the credits as well. This was the inspector tool I used to shorten/ speed up some of the clips: 

As I was editing my work, I noticed that my background music for the first few “funny” scenes was cut off at a bad timing and it was also overlapping with the voiceover for the “serious” scenes. I used the clip trimmer which allowed me to show the full length of the song in section and helped me trim the clip right before the serious scenes started. 

As much as I am proud of my work, I plan to edit it tomorrow as well. I am very happy that I was able to shorten the length of my PSA without cropping any scenes out.










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