PSA: Evaluate

My final PSA turned out very interesting and a very well made. The iMovie was very confusing at first, especially for beginners like me but as I was testing each tool, it became very easy to work with. The final PSA could help teenagers and basically everyone to be more educated on how many gay people are being discriminated against all over the world. It also persuades the audience to have a slight feeling towards accepting gay people and not discriminate people because of their different sexual orientations. I feel that my PSA is effective because the first few scenes are very eye-catching and attracts the young teenagers to watch the video, and also the last few scenes of gay and “don’t discriminate” and “being gay is okay” may emphasis the message of my PSA more deeply. It may confuse some people at first with the first few “funny” scenes because they will be uncertain how those scenes are related to the broader topic of sexual orientation/discrimination. Overall, I thought my PSA was unique from the rest and brought more effect on the audience by looking at the huge percentage of gay people discriminated compared to the small percentages of chance of something.

The first investigative conversations my group had was what kind of message about sexual orientation did we want to send to our intended audience. So in order to get some ideas, we thought of the broader topic of discrimination and how there are many gay people being discriminated and many gay people are not comfortable coming out because they fear of not being accepted the way they are. We researched many sites and books to get a further look at sexual orientation and discrimination. Kari also showed our group a youtube video called Standup2cancer. We were inspired by the video and got a good idea on how we wanted to film our PSA after I found a site with a list that showed “odds of….”. We all found an idea to show the great number of gay people that are discriminated by showing the very small numbers at first. So,  i chose a few “funny” scenes and then combined them with the “serious” scenes representing each of them with a percent. As my PSA goes on, the percentage increases raising up to the biggest percentage, the chance of gay people being discriminated against. I thought I have cooperated with my group very effectively and brought up some good ideas for the filming as well as the basic research. During this whole PSA project, I was able to communicate with my group and get a good sense on how to make short movies. I was able to develop my communication skills as I was working with my group which helped us finish filming all our scenes in the time given during class. I was surprised how much scenes we had to make in order to make a movie of just one minute. My experience with the iMovie was not great but I was eventually able to use it without a problem. My PSA could impact my life and lives of my intended audience because it shows how much the gay people are being discriminated and not accepted by others. During the processes of making my PSA, I realized how much gays are not accepted for who they are and often do not want to give in from the fear that their close relationships with others will collapse. It may get the audience to look at gay people differently and may support them for who they are after finding that a great number of them are discriminated against. From the PSA project, I was able to become more aware of gay people and felt the need to spread the message that having a different sexual orientation than everyone else is okay and they should not be discriminated. I hope that my PSA will help my audience understand my message and support the idea of not discriminating gay people. But from the survey I have sent out to the high school students in Canadian Academy, which Kari and I have worked on, the results were surprisingly great. More than 90% of the CA high school students fully support gay people and accept them for who they are.

I feel that thinker, open-minded, and reflective traits from the IB Learner Profile best describe me and my efforts leading up to my final PSA. Throughout the whole process of creating my PSA I was a thinker. I believe I am a Thinker because I have been constantly thinking of new ideas of how I can make my PSA better and thought of ways to solve some problems I had with the software as well as the lay out of the PSA. In situations where we had problems thinking of how we can express the story through some clips, I have helped give some ideas and the outcome was often good. For example, we were not quite sure what to do in our scene for the UFO and I brought up some ideas of showing the UFO on one scene then having another clip of some people going after the UFO. I was also able to solve complex problems I had with the iMovie and successfully able to keep the length of my PSA below the maximum time. I was open-minded by understanding the different perspectives, values and even traditions of other individuals and communities about sexual orientation and discrimination. I was able to learn how some religious individuals do not accept gays/homosexuals because they believe that it is not right. Although it is the freedom of ones will to decide on who they like, there are still some discrimination against the homosexuals because many believe that females and males are suppose to be together.  As much as I like to see people support gays/homosexual, I respect people who have different opinions and perspectives of gays. I was reflective throughout this PSA project because I have evaluated on my successes and difficulties, as well as my strength and weakness for each time I worked on the project. Reflecting over my work helped me improve my skills and it became easier for me the next day to work on my project with a little bit more knowledge of what I can do to fix any technical problems or difficulties. I was able to recall what I have learned each time I worked on my project in my blog post and evaluate on my learning of movie making, filming, planning, cooperation with my group, and gathering ideas in which I can spread my message of supporting gays through my final PSA.

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