Final Project: Investigate

A few ideas came to my mind as I was brainstorming some topics I can work with for this final project. My first thought was to work with my height, (me being short) but as I talked with the teachers, I realized that this problem cannot be avoided very easily because it is mostly caused by the genetic traits passed on by the parents. There was limited thing to talk about for this topic, unless I talked about the advantages of being short or what kind of nutrients I should take, changing sleep cycle in order to grow taller. And what kind of workout I can do to become a better basketball player and work harder in dribbling/ shooting to make up for the lack of height to guard people or be blocked.

Another topic I thought of that has been in my way for a couple of years was about time management. I have had some problems with managing my time well over the past couple of years. It is hard for me to spend my time well and get everything done in time. I always end up finishing my homework or project in the last minute. This also brought hard relationships towards my family and some friends. Although I love to play sports, my grades and academics are important to me as well. I would like to research more in depth on how time management is important and how stress is involved as well as relationship with others around me. Also, I join most of the sports and enjoy going to APACs and so I get behind on my studies very easily.  My time management became worse when I joined some sports and traveled somewhere for a game, missing school days.

My final decision for the topic I will be working with is time management. Time management is very personally relevant to me and I would like to research ways on improving my time management in order to do well in school as I take part in sports, make time to rest, and obtain better relationships with my family.  Time management is a very important skill which can alter your health (sleep), relationship with family/friends, grades and many others. Currently, my time managing skills is not very effective and I have a very difficult time balancing my activities, grades, sleep, and relationships. With my final project, I will like to teach many students (and learn myself) why time management is important and how it can bring positive results if improved.

Managing time poorly can lead many teens to be stressed, lack sleep, get bad grades in school, have negative relationships with friends and families, and much more. Without managing time well, stress can effect some and cause problems in their health. From the overload of work or when one is working too hard beyond their limit, it is a sign of stress. Some side effects of stress are: lack of sleep, bad grades in school, aggressive reaction, become overwhelmed, baggy skin below the eyes, back aching, and increased blood pressure (Troubled Teens, n.d).  As seen, stress can cause many negative things and also effect you in your behavior, academics, and relationships with others. One factor of stress, lack of sleep, is very unhealthy, especially for teenagers. Sleep is very important for teenagers because they are in the developing stage from a child to an adult and need sleep in order for the hormones growth and sexual maturation to be build healthy. Teenagers require about 9.5 hours of sleep per day yet, many only obtain an average of 7.5 hours or less a night (Witmer, n.d.). Lack of sleep can cause exhaustion, difficulty waking up, irritability, falling asleep in class, oversleeping in the weekend and difficulties concentrating/remembering (Witmer, n.d.). This causes problems in both the physical and mental side of the person. When managing time, it is important to make sure you make time for sleep, in order to be on task the next day to complete the schedule. Some tips mentioned in the article Teenagers and sleep, in order to avoid lack of sleep were: make a reasonable bedtime and wake time, take a hot bath, cut down on caffeine, or exercise (at least 2 hours before bedtime). The cause of having an unbalanced scheduled day can be seen from the problem with computers/internet, as well. Most teenagers now a days use computers and internet frequently throughout the day. A researcher concluded that the combination of social networks and online games are consuming 32.9 percent of Internet time an average American uses (Harris, 2010). So cutting down the time on the internet will help me use my time better on homework and projects, that can take up my time.

Overall, I realized how the internet and after-school activities are taking a lot of my time and unbalancing my day leaving me with a short amount of time to sleep, causing stress. In order to avoid all of these negative things, I may want to cut down on the time I spend on the internet, sleep more to avoid a lot of stress, and use some of the skills to manage my time well online. From the article Keeping your workload balanced, I picked up a few tips which can help many teens to manage their time more efficiently: do your homework as soon as you get home from school, avoid procrastination, make a list of what you need to do, before deciding to start a sport or lessons, make sure it is something that you truly want to do, schedule regular free time in your routine to relax, reflect, and regroup, and rank activities if they are really important to you. Managing time well allows me to benefit being able to learn more about life, adapting more skills, study/work/rest/play more effectively, less stress, good relationships with family, and allows more time for yourself (Wilson, n.d.).  Overall, I can benefit a lot in various ways (like have less stress) by changing my poorly managed time for the day.


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Scott Duke Harris is the author of this article from the McClatchy
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which was published and edited by a proper company. The purpose of this
article is to suggest more internet users are now spending time on games
and activities (Facebook) and wasting their time. This helped me get an
idea on what I can reduce doing in my day in order to have a healthy
balanced schedule of the day. This article was published on August 1,

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This article was written by Tamra B. Orr, who has a good understanding
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prioritize some of your activities by trying out different
time-management strategies. The article was published on October 2002,
edited by the Weekly Reader Corporation. The information is useful for my
purpose because it gives me a good understanding how I can improve my
schedule and see the penalties I could receive from an overloaded

Ronald, K. (1998, June 7). Reaserchers: Lack of sleep may cause aging, stress,
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Ronald Kotulak wrote this article and this source is reliable because
the article contains much information brought from researchers and
experts researching about the topic. The article was published a few
years ago, though it has been published and edited by a proper company so
it is still valid. The purpose of the site is to bring awareness of how
sleep is very important for the body and it helped me get a full
understanding of how sleep will be focused greatly when scheduling my
time for the day.

Troubled teens [Health effects of teen stress]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Troubledteen911 website:
This source is valid because of the site and is based on the topic of
stress. This site is written by experts on stress and treatments to
stress. It is also a proper site and updated on october 2010.
Troubledteen911 is a organization based on teens who have problems with
life, stress, and any other sorts of trouble. This site helped me get an
understanding of how stress can affect me and how stress is occurred.

Wilson, T. (n.d.). Better time management for teens. Retrieved May 16, 2011,
The purpose of this site is to provide some tips and skills for
teenagers that can improve their time managing skills. This source is
valid because the author Tim Wilson, is an expert in the topic of time
management and a certified Life Coach. He also works with groups and
individuals to help improve their time management skills. It was founded
on September 2009. This information is useful for my purpose because it
allowed me to learn some techniques I can use in order to improve my time

Witmer, D. D. (n.d.). Teenagers and sleep. Retrieved from
This source is valid and was written by Denise D. Witmer, who studied in
Penn State University for child and social psychology. She is trained in
PET (Parent Effectiveness Training), STEP (Support and Training for
Exceptional Parents) and has been trained about many aspects of children
and teens. The purpose of this site is to impact more teenagers to get
enough sleep and is useful for me because it helps me get an idea how I
should manage my time in order to get enough sleep.

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