Final Project: Design

There are many different ways I can present my topic on time management and stress, but I will have to choose the best option in order to best present the aspect of my topic. Power points, movies, and graphic posters are some options I can work with. One method is a power point that can briefly present my information on time management/stress as I orally present more details. But I will have to make sure to make my information interesting and will not bore the audience. A PSA or a movie is another option I can use to express my topic to the audience and it will help focus on the main message. Lastly, I can simply make a poster by graphic manipulation on my computer altering photos of teens stressed from an overload of work because of a poor time management.

A power point will show my main points of what I present very clearly, and will not be time consuming. It will help the audience learn more in depth of time management and stress. If I decide to make a power point, I am not too worried about the time because it will not be difficult to make a power point. Though I will have to make sure the power point and my presentation is not too long nor packed with information since it can bore the audience. If I make a power point, I will have to make sure that my information concise and presented in a way it will grab the audiences attention.

A PSA is another option I may work with to present my topic. PSA is a very effective way to grab the audiences attention while I show the effects poor time management has on teens. The cons in movie making is how it will be complicated to create a product in one week and a few days.I will have to manage my time very well in order to work on movie making because it is very time consuming. There are a few processes I will have to over come in order to produce a project; make story boards, film, and edit films in order create a final movie.

A poster can be very appealing to the audience and much more interesting than power points. I will need to use my graphic manipulation skills as I make my poster. Colors, effects, and textures of the photos and texts shall be altered to be more effective as well. I will add a photo of a stressed teenager and clocks around her to express how many teens get stress from the lack of proper time management. The text should be very catchy and effective to the audience, so they can think twice if they are actually managing their time healthily. The cons of a poster is very few information can be presented in the product and it must be appealing to the eye in order to get the audiences attention. Also, I will have to work very hard on it with the photo shop and work effectively.

In the end, I chose to make posters that would represent time management and stress as it demonstrates my ability to use various graphic manipulation skills. I will use different tools to change the color, lighting, size, image resolutions that would match with my topic. I will have to make sure that I use my time wisely, making time for taking pictures of myself in a stressed situation, etc. since the central focus of the poster must be me. I will make sure that the text should is effective and catchy to the audience, so my topic and my message can get passed along and thought about by the audience. I will probably have a picture of myself stressed with a black and white color with many clocks around me to imply how stress can develop as time is managed poorly. In my first poster, I will talk about the effects of time management and how it can effect teenagers with a picture of me depressed, in a bad mood. In my second poster, I will show some tips and skills one can use in order to improve their time management. In this poster, I will include a picture of me all healthy and happy. I think poster creating will be the best effective and the best way for me to demonstrate my graphic manipulation skills as well as time management.

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