Final Project: Plan

In order to accomplish my goal to make two posters, i will need a couple of people’s help to take pictures of me and use photo shop to edit my photos. In this project I will use: a camera, photo shop, and need a couple of people’s help to take pictures. I will need pictures I have manipulated and  some facts/information to include in the poster.


May 23: Start taking picture of myself with help from peers and if time, start editing the photos.

May 24: Continue editing photos on photoshop using variety of manipulating skills.

May 25: Start working on the first poster of the effects/causes of poor time management.

May 26: Continue first poster and include important facts about time management and a picture of myself that has been graphically manipulated.

May 27: Start working on the second poster about the skills and techniques that will help improve poor time management. Insert ideas/ skills on the poster about time management and include photo of myself.

May 28: Continue working on the second poster.

May 29: Edit and go over both posters and change anything if necessary.

May 30: Finished with two posters.

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