Final Project: Create #1

Today I worked on my first poster. I was not able to follow my schedule I have planned due to my busy personal schedule and also since the interview with Ms. Ishihara was postponed to Monday. I was not able to start working on my project until Wednesday because of the slight alteration in what I planned to make for my final project after the interview. I was planning on making a power point but I was uncertain if I can spread my message well with a power point. So I changed my product to posters. This was my planned schedule:

May 23: Start taking picture of myself with help from peers and if time, start editing the photos.

May 24: Continue editing photos on photoshop using variety of manipulating skills.

May 25: Start working on the first poster of the effects/causes of poor time management.

I was not able to take pictures or edit them but I was able to start working on my rough draft of my first poster. I added a tittle and a few bullet points of information. I used the horizontal type tool to type in my title and information. The tool bar at the top of the screen allowed me to change my font and size of the text. 

I had difficulty moving around my text but as I investigated the tool bars, I found that I can simply move it with my mouse. Since this was only my second time using photoshop, I was confused with all the tools in the application. Also, I made many mistakes and deleted my work by accident it took me some time to redo my work. Later, I found a tool that helps me keep a record of the history of what I edit on my poster. This tool was very helpful because it allowed me to undo anything I edited just by altering some things on the history bar. This helped me feel more comfortable using any new tools without fearing that my work will disappear.  

This is my first poster so far:

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