Final Project: Create #2

Today I continued working with my first poster and decided to add photos to it. This was my schedule planned so far:

May 26: Continue first poster and include important facts about time management and a picture of myself that has been graphically manipulated.

May 27: Start working on the second poster about the skills and techniques that will help improve poor time management. Insert ideas/ skills on the poster about time management and include photo of myself.

As you can see, I was a little behind on my schedule and did not start on my second draft because it seemed like I needed more time to work on my first poster. As I was experimenting with a couple of different backgrounds for the poster, I was able to improve my graphic manipulating skills as well. I have decided to experiment with three different background and most of them were clocks. I opened them in photoshop and inserted the picture I took of myself earlier onto the photo. I carefully erased the unnecessary parts of my picture and also used the Magnetic Lasso Tool, which was located on the side bar on my screen, to be able to erase more quickly. I also had to use the free transform tool to be able to rotate, move, and change the size of the image on my poster. The free transform button can be found in the Edit bar under the “Content-Aware Scale”. So these were the three experimental posters I have made for the first poster:

Poster Draft 1:                                   Poster draft 2:


Poster Draft 3:

As I looked at the three draft posters, I realized that I liked the second poster the best. The text is readable and it seems like it fits the poster. The first poster does not look very well due to the color scheme of the background, the text cannot be seen very well. I tried to change the color of the text in draft 1, but none of the colors seem to be readable on the poster. The draft 3 is not that bad but the picture does not seem to fit the concept of time management. After choosing Draft 1, I made slight changes in the text using the text editing bar which I have mentioned in the first create post. I also used the filter gallery and used the poster edge edit to make my face look more dramatic and clearer. Although I had difficulties making my poster stand out and editing the pictures so they are the right size on the poster, I was eventually able to find a tool for each problem I had and helped me create my first poster. I felt very successful after finishing the first poster and hope my second poster will turn out as good as this one. This is my final product of my first poster:



Time Management [Photograph]. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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