Final Project: Create #3

Due to the second investigate post I had to complete, I started to work on my first poster about the symptoms that occur when one shows poor time management very late.

My schedule I have planned in my plan blog was altered:

May 28: Continue working on the second poster.

May 29: Edit and go over both posters and change anything if necessary.

Instead of going through these two processes, I have finished the second poster in one day. I took a picture of myself with photobooth and attached it into the photo shop. The second poster is about what one can do in order to improve. I took a few photos off the internet, one of a picture of a “To-Do list” and another Facebook logo. I used these under the lists of what one can do to improve their way of managing time. I made sure I used the free transform so I can resize the images I took off the internet so it met my poster. I also changed the text fonts by the tool bar which I have just recently found. It allowed me to chose different text fonts, change the size of my font, and also change the color. Also, I decided to add a new technique in my poster that I was not able to use ever on photoshop, which was painting. It was my first time painting and I had difficulties making the paint/color apparent because of the problems with my layers and opacity of my paint brush. I eventually found the correct buttons to fix my problems and this tool bar helped me change the shape of my paint brush, the opacity, and the size of the paint brush: 

Also, during my process of making my second poster, the history bar and the layer bar was very useful. I was very successful in completing this poster without much difficulties due to the history bar because I was able to change back or redo anything that I have mistakingly erased or messed up. The layer bar helped me keep the text organized and allowed me to learn that I was not able to paint on any of the text layers. The layer bar also helped me work with the individual work I have accomplished within that layer, rather than having to alter the whole piece of work. This is my what my poster looks like so far:


I also decided to change the background color of my poster in order to make a good contrast and make it more appealing to the audience. I was having difficulties changing the color but I noticed that I had to click the background layer to change the color. I also noticed that rather than using the paint brush to change the color, the paint bucket can instantly color the background of the poster without taking too much time. The paint brush can be found on the left of my screen and the color picker allowed me to chose any color I favored. These are the tools I have used to change the color of my background:

This is the paint bucket tool:

This is the color picker tool which allowed me to chose a color I wanted to use:


Overall, I thought I did very well in using all the graphic manipulation skills I have learnt throughout this year. I was able to experiment with new tools I have not used before, like the paint brush tool, and improved on my techniques making products on photoshop, as well.

This is what my final product looks like:


To-do list [Photograph]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Facebook logo [Photograph]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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