Final Project: Investigate 2

As I researched more about time management, I recognize how it is important to obtain a effective time management because it will be helpful in school, the future in workplaces, and can help lead to success. It is not easy to manage time and many people may be managing time poorly without knowing it. According to Chika Nwaka, people who manage their time effectively are more productive, less stressed, more positive and more in control than people who manage their time poorly. Some effects of poor management are procrastination, habitual lateness, and overextension. Procrastination leads one to finish their important work in the last minute and they usually end up not being a very good product. Habitual lateness can be seen if one does not manage their time well enough, they usually turn in assignments late. Overextending oneself failure or frustration when they pile themselves with too much work in a little amount of time. As I look back on this year, these symptoms were apparent on me. Since I joined many after school activities and missed many school days for  oversea APACs, I felt my grades dropping and habitual lateness. Many of my assignments were turned in late and I have procrastinated many times so the work did not turn out so well.  According to If you have a high priority thing to do avoid socializing, put away the books/unimportant tasks, avoid going after ice cream/other sudden indulgences, and forget sudden bursts of house cleaning. This may help keep you on task and not spend too much time on one thing.

Also, some physical symptoms become apparent when poor time manage is present. According to the article The Basics of Time and Stress Management there are several common symptoms that appear from poor stress management. They are: irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, lack of sleep, physical disorders (headaches, rashes, tics, cramps, etc.), and  at worst, withdrawal and depression. Irritability can be noticed by peers and others around you at first before you do. One can become very forgetful and even forget about what one did on that day or what they ate the other night. Lack of sleep can cause one’s health to get worse and cause many physical disorders.

According to Penelope Trunk, there are several tips in helping people manage their time well. Her first tip is to not leave emails in the inbox. This can be avoided by putting emails into folders, printing them out, or moving them to calendars/to-do lists. This will help organize your inbox and keep you updated on what recently happened or was sent by your friends/teachers/etc. The second tip is to admit multitasking is bad. Everyone has tried doing homework while watching television but obviously, this gets you off task and decreases your productivity. Thirdly, do the most important things first. It helps to get the most important assignments/projects done first before starting other things that one can finish later. This can resist one from turning assignments in late. A fourth tip is to keep web sites organized. This will reduce the amount of time spent to try and find the important web sites you use frequently. The fifth tip is to make it easy to get started. It has been discovered that finishing projects are easy but starting them is very difficult. It would help by separating the project into small chunks so it does not look too hard. Another tip is to organize your to-do list every day. This will help you know what to accomplish that day and you cannot manage your time if you do not know what you are suppose to be doing. Making a to-do list will help, either by paper or computer, and will keep you focused on what you should be working on. Lastly, dare to be slow. Good time managers respond to some things rather slowly than bad time managers (ex. responding to emails while working).


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some tips in order to improve my time management skills.

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