Final Project: Evaluate

My final products turned out very well and I believe they demonstrated my knowledge about photoshop and graphic manipulation very well. I perceive that the strengths of my products are that they are very appealing to the eye and are creative. I feel that my product was very uniquely made and demonstrated how I am greatly affected by poor time management and am trying to find ways to fix these problems. My strength is also to keep my product simple and not too crammed with information. I like to keep my information/statistics succinct and right to the point so my audience will both enjoy reading and looking at my poster, while learning about time management. My weakness I see in my products is that my graphic manipulation skills is quite low compared to most of the people because I have not had enough practice with photoshop as much as others. This is only my second time using graphic manipulation. I had some problems and difficulties finding and making the product I was not able to work on it as much as I wanted to. Although I feel that the product I have made turned out very well and simple for the audience to be able to read easily.

Before making my product, I went through two initial research in order to complete my final product. I first researched any symptoms (both physical and mental) which will occur due to the cause of poor time management. I noticed that lack of sleep, lack of focus, missing deadlines, becoming more disorganized, irritability, headaches, cramps, building bad relationships with peers/families/friends were some effects seen from poor time management. The majority of the listed things I have just mentioned applied to me. I am one of the people who is suffering from poor time management. So, I researched more on the topic and how I can improve myself in order to be able to manage my time better. I found many tips and techniques in doing so but the main skills I thought were effective to teenagers and I were: Getting your homework done, avoid procrastination, organize a To-Do list, make time for sleep, and do the most important things FIRST. From my research, I was able to make very good products and also able to learn how to improve my poor time management skills.

According to the IB Learner Profile, I think I was an inquirer, thinker, and a risk- taker throughout the process of making my final product about time management. I think I was an inquirer because when I was deciding my topic for this project, I felt great curiosity about time management and how many things revolve around it. I was very curious in how I can improve my own time management and how I can help people develop better time managing skills as well. I felt that I was a thinker because I showed great thinking skills as I was researching about time management on how I can improve my own time management and also thought of many different poster ideas. As I have mentioned in my second create blog, I came up with three different ideas for my first poster. This shows how creative I have thought and my final decision on my poster which I thought had the best impact and attraction for the audience. Finally, I believe I was an risk-taker because I tried many new things on the photoshop application. I was able to experiment with different tools like the layer bar, paint brush, and text bar. I came to many unfamiliar situations as well while making my posters, but I was able to solve them pretty quickly after going through most of the tools in photoshop. But I was able to defend my beliefs and move on with the tools I have found. Overall, I think I was able to show myself as an inquirer, thinker, and risk-taker and made my final product look very good.

Final Products:


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