Social Studies 10

About Me!

-About Me As A Student-

I am looking forward to this years social studies class but I may struggle with some units throughout the year.

15 years ago, I was born between full Japanese parents in Japan. When I was about 3 years old, my family and I moved to America because of my fathers work. We stayed in Boston for about 5 years and then moved back to Japan. After my return from the states, I’ve decided that I wanted to go to an international school since I felt more comfortable speaking English. I first came to CA at the end of third grade and so this is my seventh year here. I enjoy going to school to see my friends, learn new things, and challenge myself in many ways.

One negative thing about me is how I am very bad with time management. I get distracted easily when I am working on my homework. I can finish my work but it just takes time for me to start the work. There were several times when I finished my projects at the last minute and since then I’ve been working hard to not let that happen again. Honestly speaking, I do not have any “favorite” subjects nor “least favorite” subjects. I like all subjects just as equally as the other because I feel that each subject is interesting in its own way. I like social studies because I get to learn about the world and history but science is fascinating since we learn about human beings and the scientific side of the world.

Regarding my hobbies and interests, I like sports, music/art, shopping and traveling. I love to play sports ever since I was small and I kept joining every sports club I possibly can. I especially like to play basketball and softball, but I also love to run! Last year, I joined both basketball and softball and I was able to participate in the overseas APAC tournament. It was very exciting to travel to another country and compete with other schools while making new friends. I also went to APAC orchestra in Guangzhou, China and I really liked how many schools got together to perform as a large ensemble. In one year, I was able to travel to three different parts of China and enjoy interacting with different students from different schools.

-About My Hopes, Dreams, and Future –

I hope about many things… I hope I will grow a few more inches. I hope sophomore year will be a good year and that my grades do not disappoint me. I hope I do not turn in any homework late. I hope I can get into varsity teams this year. I hope we will win APAC. I hope none of my close friends will have to leave Japan next year. I hope I can graduate and get accepted into a great college. I hope I can become an adult that my parents will be proud of. And I hope I can be helpful for those who are in need of help.

I am not quite sure what I want to be in the future, but I do know that I would like to have a job related to either science or something that will help people. Perhaps becoming a doctor is my dream because I want to save /help as many people as I can and  I would like to travel to many countries and help those with serious diseases. Because I like little children, becoming a teacher may be an option for my future job. I am also interested in working for the CSI because I like to experiment and work with different kinds of technology. I also got inspired by this job from the t.v shows like CSI: Miami, CSI: New York. I hope I will be able to find what I want to do sometime over the next few years.

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