Integrated Maths 10+

About Myself: Personally + Mathematically

I was born on January 9, 1996 in Japan between full Japanese parents. When I was three years old, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts because of my fathers job. After living in the states for five years, we decided to move back to Japan. My native language is Japanese but I feel more comfortable speaking in English therefore I decided to go to an international school. I first came to  Canadian Academy at the end of third grade and so this is my seventh year in CA. Some extracurricular activities I have done last year were basketball, softball and APAC orchestra.This year I am looking forward in joining basketball, softball, tea ceremony, and perhaps APAC orchestra.  Also, a few friends and I decided to take over the Soup Kitchen group and so we cook food for some homeless people around Sannomiya once in a few months. Outside of school I do not do anything in particular but I like to play the piano.

I like mathematics because the problems eventually reach to one answer after working out the different numbers. Math has always been my strongest subject in school, but it is getting more challenging in high school. I am not very self-confident in class but I will try my best to participate as much as I can. I feel it is easier than other classes because there is only one answer. Whenever I get  my answer, there is always some kind of way to check my work if it is correct or incorrect as well. I enjoy doing algebra the most in mathematics and I like probability and word problems the least in mathematics. I struggle in explaining my work, standard deviation, and working out word problems. I enjoyed having Mr. Becker as my math teacher because I was able to understand the math/ stay on task while having some fun in the class. Teachers who makes sure we understand the unit and makes sure we stay on task while making the class interesting, allowed me to be successful in mathematics. Some activities that have helped me were games about math (like bingo but using math problems in each box) and basically activities that were explained the math visually. My strength in school is physical education and science. I like being active and love to run as well. I am looking forward to develop my mathematic skills throughout this year.

One thought on “About Myself: Personally + Mathematically

  1. Hi Yurikia
    Thanks so much for this interesting and detailed account of your background. It would be great if you joined the Flex Fitness on a Friday afternoon for Flex block – you get to run the green belt.
    I think it is very admirable that you are going to help run the soup kitchen. That sounds like a noble and rewarding endeavour. I might try and come along some of the times.
    I am very glad to hear that you enjoy mathematics and like the satisfaction of getting the solution. I will try to include games and make the class fun.
    Yurika I look forward to working with you this year and thank you for letting me get to know you through your blog entry.
    Ms Durkin

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