World Literature

Blogtastic Portfolio: My personal literary history!

World Literature: My Personal Literary History

 A literary work I have enjoyed reading is Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork. Marcelo is forced to work at his fathers company over the summer in exchange to be able to go to his favorite school and also for him to experience ‘the real world’. Over the summer, Marcelo goes through many unexpected situations and begin to learn about anger, love, rivalry, and hope. I was 14 years old when I read this and I really enjoyed this book. It relates to me because I was just going into freshmen year and I was going through a different ‘world’ than middle school. Being unique does not mean you are ‘weird’ but makes you special than the rest of the people. Marcelo’s passion to help one girl who lost half her face because of Marcelo’s fathers company really moved me. No matter how much his father did not want to take responsibility for the girls injury, Marcelo did not give up and eventually was able to send her the money to get a surgery. This book helped me become aware that you should take advantage of being different and work by yourself to achieve your own goal. Also, Marcelo taught me that no matter how hard it is to reach your own goal, anything is possible if you have the passion for it.

A review on this book, Marcelo in the Real World by Robert Lipsyte can be found here.

The poem Sick by Shel Silverstein is one significant literary work I enjoyed working with. The main character, Piggy Ann McKay pretends to be ill so she does not have to go to school but runs out to play once she noticed its Saturday. I can relate with her happiness of realizing its the weekend and her misery of going to school. This was one of the first poems I used for a big project in middle school and it allowed me to understand how I can perform a poem dramatically and be entertaining. I like the diction in the poem because it really shows how desperate the girl does not want to go to school. I think many students can relate to the poem, regardless their age. Shel Silverstein helped me remember the olden days when I would make any excuse to not go to school just to go play outside.

The third book that I found amusing to read was Hiroshima by John Hersey.  It was a book I have read when I was 14 years old. I have studied about the bombing in Hiroshima during the World War 2 in social studies but I was not aware of what the survivors in Hiroshima had gone through. I was ignorant of what the Japanese people had to overcome during and after they were bombed by the Americans atomic bomb. I am Japanese myself so I can feel empathy with the people in the book.  Many of the Japanese people lost their homes, family, their skin, and food/water.  I was able to empathize with the main character because one needs a close friend no matter how old or how tall as long as their always there for you. John Hersey enabled me to feel like I was in the same situation as these Japanese people who were effected by the bomb attack. It allowed me to notice how we should enjoy life in case anything goes wrong the next day and we die.

The book review of the book Hiroshima by John Hersey can be found here.

I am both excited and worried about this World Literature English class. I like to look into books in depths and find analyze poems to discover what each word means. I may have a difficult time in the English class because writing is not my strongest skill and so I am slightly worried. Although this class may be challenging,  I will try my best to keep up with the class. Last year, I noticed that I struggled to organize my piece of writing. I am able to come up with what I am going to write but I have trouble organizing all my ideas. Throughout the year, I would like to improve and learn some techniques that could help me write a good piece of composition. What helped me last year were class discussions, small activities, and videos/visual images. Class discussions enable me to get a good idea of the book or piece of literary work we are working on. It also helps me understand the concept of the story and go in depth. The video we watched of Shakespeare called Much Ado About Nothing helped me understand the story more. Some small projects about whatever book we are reading helped me as well. Reflecting on my learning helps gives me an idea of where I should improve and what my strengths are.

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