World Literature

My Very Own Album Cover

American Flamingo is a ugly band. Our motto is . Once upon a banana, there were three monkeys who left their favorite marshmallows in America and swam to the west coast. There, they jumped around, half mysterious, half cute, confused and disoriented.

Leaving home was like leaping out of a moving truck. The speed and swish they knew had vanished all at once, and they were left smiling. About twenty-five months after arriving in New York City, Jamie wrote a rock song about missing her old funny Japan band, and posted the song in an ad on Facebook. And that was how her bandmates found her and American Flamingo was created.

American Flamingo writes songs about bees and balloons . We sound like classic and punk and hip hop, a mix of ABBA and Green Day, except with a violin. So be it. If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to go. If you do like it, please stay. There are more strawberries where these came from.

Sometimes going away is stronger than staying, and staying is the best way to get away. If you pick yourself up and get lost, you’ll find yourself looking forever for your familiar cakes and failing that, find replacements. And if you leave school behind, you will recreate it endlessly. Your geography defines you.

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