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English… yeap, just another post for World Lit.

English plays a huge role in my life in several ways. It enables me to communicate with many different people from various parts of the world, for it is a very common language spoken universally, and so I can travel to many countries easily than non English speaking people. Everyday I speak English at my international school, with my friends and on the phone. I also prefer to watch movies and t.v shows in English than whatever other language it can be in.

Although English is not my mother tongue, I like speaking in English more than my native language, Japanese. I have been speaking English ever since I moved to America, when I was about three years old. This experience influenced me to become more comfortable speaking in English rather than my native language. After living in America for 5 years, I became a fluent English speaker and decided to go to an international school once I moved back to Japan because I thought I would do better there, than at a  normal Japanese public school. Other than English and Japanese, I am currently learning Spanish. I enjoy learning Spanish and hope I will be able to speak fluently because I want to go visit Spain someday.

I like studying English while living in Japan because it helps me maintain as well as improve my English skills. Although I can speak English fluently, I still need to improve on my writing, reading, and speaking skills. So going to an international school in Japan helps me improve the language and helps to not forget English. Without an international school, I would have probably forgotten my English by now or have a very low skill in the language.

I expect English to play in every second of my life after high school because I am considering to go to either a college in America or an international university in Japan. I know that English will be helpful because it will make my life easier and it will help me find good jobs in the future for there is many to chose from, as well. English gave me more selections of jobs I can work at in the future and colleges I can study at. Since I like to travel a lot, English is very useful for the main language spoken at airports are English. Also, I like reading books in English instead of Japanese books because I myself believe that English books are more entertaining and more engaging. I am very thankful that I know English fluently because it has opened up to many opportunities I can select from of my future career and colleges, which I cannot experience if English is not my strong language. I am honored to know English fluently because it has given me many advantageous abilities and options in what to do in my life after high school.

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