World Literature

Bildungsroman (Coming of Age)

‘The Boat’ is a story about coming of age. How do the characters or a character come of age?

In the story ‘The Boat’ by Alistar Macleod, the character comes of age by overcoming his issues with his family. An external conflict between the mother and father’s interest in tradition alters the character’s feelings because he is not certain what he should do in the future. The father’s messy room is filled with books, which shows his love towards literature. The mother likes to stay neat and dislikes books, schools, change and outsiders. The clash in each parents beliefs enables the son to decide whether or not to follow his dream or to help his father’s job as a fisherman. At one point, the son realizes that he should help his father as a fisherman because his father himself was not able to follow his academic path, “…I thought it was very much braver to spend a life doing what you really do not want rather than selfishly following forever your own dreams and inclinations.” He loves his father and realizes he should help his father’s job as a fisherman. After the father dies, the son is torn apart and his relationship with his mother becomes worse. But he decides to follow his dream in becoming a professor and betray his tradition of working at a ‘real’ job, which according to his mother includes physical work. The main character comes of age by dealing with the problems within his family, accepting his father’s death and eventually becoming an educator at “a great Midwestern university”, which is his dream.



Criterion A: I believe I deserve a 9 for content because I was able to have a insightful understanding of the topic and have a effective idea of how the features serve the content. The quote in the paragraph also helps support my ideas and enables to go in-depth with my content. The content of my writing was well written because the topic was clear to me therefore enabling me to exemplify details and support.

Criterion B: My organization would be a 8 because I was able to organize my writing and the ideas are built on top of the other. I was able to follow the “SEX” organization tip as well, which may have helped organize my writing. It may not be clear in some places but the overall writing is supporting the general topic.

Criterion C:  I belive a 7 would suit me for style and language mecanics because I had occasional errors with the spelling and grammar, and there was a limited range in my vocabulary. I did not have a wide and effective range in my vocabulary. Despite the uncertainty in the grammar, it does not hinder the communication of the topic and the content.

One thought on “Bildungsroman (Coming of Age)

  1. A good paragraph Yurika. Develops the central ideas well.

    Criterion A: 8
    Criterion B: 8
    Criterion C: 8

    I think your content could have had more depth while your use of language is stronger than you think. It’s a realistic self-assessment.

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