Social Studies 10- Assessment

Self Reflection – Box of Chocolate

I think I deserve a 9 because the majority of the criterion that suits my work had fallen into this category. The summary of the activity was accurate but I have realized that I did not write the outcome of the activity. If I have written more about who got the box of chocolates, if the activity worked and more information about the results, I would have gotten a higher mark. I believe I was able to complete a good list of the economic concepts making the list of definitions precise and easy to read. Also, I have bolded the concepts in the writings so it highlighted the importance of the word. The connection between the concepts and the activity was very thorough and contained many information from the project linked to economics. I thought my insights into the connection to the real world was not fully developed. I had a good understanding of how basketball was connected to the economic concepts and that everything can be connected to economics but I was not able to accurately write it in my blog. Lastly, I believe I have successfully given a good comment on Kari’s blog. I was able to give good feedback on how well the blog was written and what she could improve on because I took some time writing the comment. Overall, I think I fall into the 9 range because the criterions that apply to my work have fallen into that category.

One thought on “Self Reflection – Box of Chocolate

  1. A thorough and accurate summary of the activity
    Talk about weighting

    Complete and correct list of concepts covered in the activity
    Could define each area of PACED

    Correct and thorough connection between the concepts and activity

    Your explanation of a real word connection is fully developed.
    Articulate the problem more clearly. Articulate how they make a decision more clearly.

    A thoughtful and insightful comment on one other blog entry about one good thing about their entry and one thing their entry could improve.

    Formative for D:
    You communicate well with few errors.

    Criterion A: 9

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