Social Studies 10- Assessment

Planning a Dance + Black Death: Self Evaluation

7-8: The summary of the activity was very thorough and accurate, although there was a incorrect information on the history about the Black Death. But overall, the summaries of the two activities were written very precisely. My real world example is developed in the post but the organization is a little messy. Although I have stated the ideas of how the economic concepts are being applied in the example.

9-10: I was able to completely cover all the economic concepts that were related to the activities. I have managed to write a definition for each concepts. I have been able to correctly connect the concepts to the two activities we have done in class, planning a dance and the Black Death activity. I have made a insightful comment on Christina’s blog giving her one advice to improve her post and a comment as well.
 I believe I should deserve a 7 because my work had fit with much of the criterion in the 7-8 range. My organization of the blog post seems more organized and easy to read than my last blog post. The expressions are clear and concise but less The information is well developed but has a slight error in the information of the Black Death. My style and language are appropriate to the audience and the purpose. All the sources I have used for my blog post has been cited in a APA format at the bottom of the page, as well.

One thought on “Planning a Dance + Black Death: Self Evaluation

  1. Feedback on A:
    fleas not rats
    need more about feudalism and lord/peasant relationship
    need better connection to incentive.

    In Summary,
    – A thorough and accurate summary of the activity
    – Complete and correct list of concepts covered in the activity
    – Correct and thorough connection between the concepts and activity
    – Your explanation of a real word connection is fully developed.
    – A thoughtful and insightful comment on one other blog entry about one good thing about their entry and one thing their entry could improve.

    Criterion A: 9
    Feedback on D:
    “Cater 2 and Cater 1 was our op”- need comma

    In Summary,
    Good relevant information. 7 missing some information
    Effective communication. 8 Good – one error
    Visual representation is good. 6 – need evaluation charts
    Citation good. Perfect 8

    Criterion D: 7

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