Social Studies 10- Assessment

Self-Assessment: Is College Worth It?



Criterion A: Knowledge 

I believe that I fit into the 9 level of the criterion because I have achieved most of the MYP descriptors in that range. I have provided many examples and facts from articles/websites which has helped show my understanding of the topic. Also, my terminology has been developed throughout my work. Descriptive detains and explanations were developed. Overall, most of my work fits into the 9 level of criterion A.

Criterion B: Concepts

I think I deserve a 8-9 level for the Criterion B for concepts. Throughout my work, I have connected the information with the four components of the economic system and included the definitions, as well. The concept I have applied were effectively used to show how it is connected to the subject and to other situations. I have explained the connections of the subject matter and was aware of how the topic connected to economics.

Criterion C: Skills

In Criterion C for skills, I think I fall in the 8-9 zone because I have used the informations from some articles and websites. My argument, critical analysis, judgements has been developed throughout the work. My investigative skill has been developed because I have included graphs and visuals to support my arguments and analysis. By using many sources to support my analysis and arguments, I have been able to demonstrate sophisticated investigative skills.

Criterion D: Organization and presentation

The information of my work was well organized and presented. I have communicated effectively to the appropriate audience and the purpose. Information was well organized and clear for the audience to read. Visuals and graphs were also included to present my information and argument more effectively. Also, the in-text citation may have some occasional errors in the work. Overall, I think I deserve somewhere between 7-8 in criterion D.


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