P.E. (period 1)

November 7, 2011– Basketball

In class: We have done some layup drills, dribbling drills, shooting practice and a game of scrimmage (5 vs. 5). The dribbling drills were performed by dribbling the ball through the cones as you change directions and hand to dribble the ball. We have learned the basic technique of “BEEF” as well. B stands for balanced, where legs should be shoulder length apart and bent. E is for elbow, making sure your arm is close to making a 90 degree angle. The second E is for the eyes, making sure you are watching the back of the rim because there is a higher chance of the ball going in by aiming at the back of the rim instead of the front. And the last F stands for follow through, flicking your hand in order to shoot the ball and keeping that form (of the hand) that flicked the ball. Also, we learned to keep our arm out and dribble sideways to keep the ball away from a defender, who is trying to take the ball away. To work more on this dribbling, we played a game where you had to continue dribbling without getting the ball knocked out of the small square 

Strength: My strengths I have noticed so far is doing a layup on the right side with my right hand, dribbling as I change hands, and speed dribbling down the court. During the layup drills, I am pretty confident getting most on my layups in on the right side. As I perform some dribbling drills, I feel that I am good at weaving through cones as I dribble the ball and am able to dribble quickly from one end of the court to another.

Weakness: My weaknesses are doing layups on the left side, handling the ball when speed dribbling, and shooting. I would like to be able to do a left hand layup as comfortable as a right hand layup. I tend to loose the ball when breaking down the court at a very fast speed and so I want to fix that. My shooting is not good nor bad. My shots and free throws go in many times but I would like to improve on shooting more accurately so I am more likely to score more points during games.

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