P.E. (period 1)

November 8, 2011 – Basketball

In class: Today we practiced more of the defense skills and played a 5 vs 5 game. We learned that defense is really important in basketball. And to practice our defense skills, we have done a drill where we practiced sliding sideways quickly (while avoiding to put our feet together) to pick up the ball the partner has rolled across the floor. As we slid across to pick up the ball, we made sure to pick up the ball with the hand opposite to the direction we moved across, in order to make sure we turn our body. This drill was helpful because it allowed me to practice moving more swiftly across the court during games. Also, we practiced our layups for a couple of minutes. Another drill we did was practice going up for a layup while someone is chasing you from behind. This drill helps improve fast breaks and doing layups with a defender coming from behind.

Strengths/Weakness:  I thought I did a pretty good job with the layup drill while a person chases you from behind but I have realized I am not very confident with my shots and layups during games. I would like to improve my shooting skills and continue to move around the court to get passes during scrimmages. I am still not confident with my layups on my left hand so I would like to practice that a little more. 

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