P.E. (period 1)

November 10 – Basketball

In class:  Today in class we talked about screening/picking and played scrimmage for most of the class. Screening is an effective technique used by players on offense to help make space for their teammates, by blocking the defenders. A player can either screen on the defender near the ball or for a person without the ball so they can move freely to receive the ball. When the player screens, they have to make sure the defender is blocked and unable to chase after the player they were guarding. We did some shooting drills, layup drills, and dribbling drills, as well. For the games today, we first played full court with the same teams as last class but later split into smaller teams and played with the half court. 

Improvement/Weakness: I think I am still on the same level with my basketball skills. I still need to work on my left hand layup until I am completely comfortable with the shot. I am confident with my defense skills but I should try to use the screening technique more during games.  I think I have improved on my dribbling skills and I feel a little bit more confident handling the ball. 

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