P.E. (period 1)

November 14 – Basketball

In class: During PE class today, we warmed up by doing some dribbling and shooting drills then we played some games. For the dribbling drill, we practiced our cross overs by going between cones as we switch hands to dribble the ball. It is important we bend our knees and dribble low so it is hard for defenders to reach for the ball. We also talked about fast breaks and some positions the players on offense should be when they possess the ball. The player who rebounds the ball should make an out-let pass to their teammate who has placed himself close to the half court line. The player should be far out or else the rebounder of the ball can just take up the ball himself because there is no difference in passing a ball to their teammate who is only a few feet away from them. There are two players on offense also running along the sidelines and another running across the middle waiting to get a pass from the player with the ball. This play should be done quickly once the rebound is caught so there are less defenders ready to block on the other side of the court. The games we played today were 2 vs 2 and then later we played 3 on 3. 

Improvements/Weakness: My left hand layup has been improving and I am starting to get better at it each time. My shooting has also improved slightly but still needs to be worked on. During the games, I tried using screens to help my teammate get past and score. I would like to continue using screen when I have the chance. My dribbling skills has also improved a little because I am more comfortable with my ball handling skills. My crossovers are fairly good but I should get into a lower position while I dribble. 

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