P.E. (period 1)

November 21, 2011 – Basketball

In class: In class today, we have started with a new passing drill where we used two balls instead of one at a time. One person would pass the ball by a bounce pass and another would chest pass. Then they will each switch to a different passing techniques and continue passing the ball, while trying to avoid dropping the ball. By using two balls, it improves our concentration and reaction, as well as handling the ball better. We also did the crossover drill where we dribbled between the cones. We also played a shooting game where one spot near the hoop is considered 1 point and the further spot from the hoop is 2 points. The person who gets 11 points first wins the game.

How to play successfully in a basketball game:

  • run
  • pass and move
  • think a little
  • spacing
  • have some skill
Improvements: My crossovers have improved with the dribbling drills we have done in class. But I would need to make sure to dribble low because sometimes I would dribble high which would allow defenders to easily take the ball away from me.


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