Integrated Maths 10+

Math 10+ Reflection

How do you feel about your progress so far this year in math?
 What have you liked about math class so far?  What has worked well for you as a learner? 
What could be changed in class to make you do better, enjoy class more? 
How do you hope to improve during the second semester? How will you achieve this?

I feel that my progress so far this year in math is not that well compared to last year. It may be because the topics we are studying this year is more advanced and the lessons are going faster, yet I have managed to understand the various topics. I have liked the tenmarks and scrapbook because we can save the notes into our computers. The tenmarks enabled me to practice and understand the math better. The things that could probably be changed in class to make me do better is talk over the topic more and solve more problems. I hope to improve in tests and quizzes as I usually loose track of time and am not able to finish all the problems, especially the 7-8 ranged unfamiliar problems. I will achieve this by practicing more problems at home and challenging myself to work on harder questions as well. Also, I will try to ask more questions in class if ever I have problems with the topic or problem we are working on. I hope I will do better in the second semester.

One thought on “Math 10+ Reflection

  1. Hi Yurika
    Thanks for your feedback. I am glad you find the computer tools useful. I will try and talk through the concepts for longer next semester – or even if I come over to your table often and check on you as a small group, it might help. Yes, please ask me when you are unsure of the mathematics. All the best for a great second semester!
    Ms Durkin

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