Social Studies 10- Assessment

Self Assessment – Macroeconomics Report

Criterion A: Knowledge

I have used the terms from the Macro section as well as some economic terms from outside this section. I also included many relevant facts and statistics to support my findings. My explanations are developed and have been

Criterion B: 


My knowledge and information has connected with the major concepts, which were MEDC and LEDC. I have linked the facts and information to NIC and explained in detail the reasons behind the connections.

Criterion C:


The arguments and judgements throughout the report is well supported with different facts and statistics. The investigation on the concept was good because the question was answered with the information researched.

Criterion D:

Many visuals and graphs have been included into the report to support any data or findings. The information is organized clearly into different sections as well.  The English is clear and errors are hardly found. All the sources that were used throughout the investigation are well documented into the proper APA format.

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