Social Studies 10

Inquiry- CA Merchandise

I chose my question, “What are the incentives to buy CA merchandise?” to investigate what factors are most likely to motivate people to buy CA goods. I have observed the lack of CA goods each student and faculty possess and wanted to know what kind of choices people make to buy the merchandise. This question will allow me to see what CA should do in order to increase their income from the merchandise they have produced and increase the variety of goods that will meet the majority of the consumer’s taste and preference. To explore my inquiry, I have sent out a survey to the middle school, high school, faculty and parents asking if they have ever purchased any CA merchandise (why/why not), what incentives pull them into buying the product, and what other goods they want CA to sell. With the data, I will be able to conclude which of the current products meet the consumers’ taste and preference, as well as, some opinions about the improvements that could be made.
**Plan: February 9 – Create a survey; February 14 – Have the survey approved and send it out; February 16-20 – Analyze and clean the data (make pie charts and bar graphs); February 20-22 – Work on the presentation; February 22-26 – Work on the write up and practice presentation; February 29 – Presentation.


As I have collected the data, it became clear that more than half of the students and faculty (out of 154 people) do not own any CA merchandise. This shows that the CA merchandise is not as popular as it should be and are currently not the best goods because there are no incentives for the consumers to buy the products.  For those who have answered yes, the majority indicated that they consumed a CA merchandise because it was necessary for sports or for the usage as a souvenir. So the major incentive for people to purchase CA merchandise was not necessarily something they chose for themselves but because people were required to buy the products for various sports.
The major problem with the low income from the merchandise are because consumer’s would like a cheaper and more appealing product than the ones today. Also, there are many people who want the merchandise but just do not know where to buy them. By producing products that contain many of the factors in which the consumer’s are looking forward to, CA is very likely to make a profit. Also by increasing the market size, most likely through the internet, will help the sales go up as well since the products will be more available to people. But the biggest factor which that seems to pull the interest for the product is the price. It may be because many of the consumers are students and they do not have enough purchasing power that they tend to find a substitute for the product.
As shown in the graph, we can see that many people want laptop cases, more clothes and stuffed animal of our school mascot. Other responses people made were: hoodies, backpacks, sweat pants, baseball glove, keyboard covers, cups, stationary goods and much more. With more variety in the CA merchandise that will suit the consumer’s taste and preference will bring a profit to their sales.

I was able to puzzle out my question, “What are the incentives to buy CA merchandise?” with all the data I have collected. From the 48% of the people who responded ‘yes’ in owning CA merchandise, the biggest incentives to buy the product was because it was necessary for sports or used as a souvenir.

If I did my investigation again, I would make sure to send the survey out to more males than females to get a equal amount of responses from each gender because currently a disparity between them is visible. Also, it would have been interesting to see which of the current CA products are most popular and least favored by the consumers.

Click here for the prezi.

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