Social Studies 10


Resource Extraction

This photo shows resource extraction as the fishes, natural resources, are being obtained from the ocean. Other resources that get extracted in the coasts include oil and natural gas plants.

Wildlife Habitats

The photo above shows an example of wildlife habitats because the coasts are an important breeding area for sea turtles. There are many other animals that use the coasts as a breeding area. It is important that the tourism does not affect the wild life near the water.


This photograph of the cement factory near the coast of Arguineguin is an example of industry. Many of these factories are located at the coast because it is very close to the transportation docks, for imports and exports, and the land is usually very cheap.


Many transports of either people or resources are done between coastlines. As shown in this picture, boats allow one to carry items from one place to another along the waters transportation route.  It is one of the convenient ways to transport from one place to another. Imports and exports are constantly performed as many factories tend to be located close to the coast and many docks are built near coasts as well.

Tourism and Recreation

This Bolongo Bay Resort is an example of tourism as many people come to visit and enjoy it’s hospitality and the beach. Usually, there are many resorts close to the coast as it attracts tourists because of the amazing view of the beach and the easy transport that can be made from the resort to the beach.


The photo represents settlements as many houses are present near the coast of Australia’s famous beach, the Bondi beach. Settlements in the coasts are manmade and are appealing to people who are required to have the water close to them, like fishermen. It may have an affect on tourism too because of the beautiful beach close by.

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