Social Studies 10

Why is coastal management important?

Coastal management is applied globally for various purposes. These were the five conclusions I was able to make from the data, after analyzing why coastal management is so important: 

Many countries are working hard to maintain the coastal areas to preserve their wildlife and habitats. It is important for these areas to look after their natural habitats because of it’s attraction to tourists and simply because it is important for us humans to look after our environment. The diversity of the species is a great factor to increase tourism in these nations because it allows people to enjoy the beautiful natural habitats which, currently, can only be tasted in limited locations. The main threats on wildlife is apparent from overfishing, the negative impacts of tourism, and pollution. To avoid and decrease the harms on these natural habitats, countries like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro are working to ensure sustainable management of the ecosystems by supporting both the creation of networks of marine protected areas and conservation projects for the area’s main flagship species. Thus it is important for these countries to properly manage their coasts to ensure sustainable management of the wildlife and natural habitats. 
As mentioned earlier, the coastal areas is a great attraction site for tourists. These areas contain ideal resorts that exhibits natural sceneries for practice of sports, fishing and photographic safaris everywhere. These coastal villages have grown due to the increasing touristic demand of such beach resorts. Not only the wildlife but the clear, untouched beaches and various sport attractions may grab the eyes of many foreigners. As much as these magnificent places are an advantage for the tourists, the countries are pleased with the tourism because of it’s increase in their economy. Like Sydney, many countries rely on tourism to sustain their economy and to reinforce their beautiful scenery composed of natural diversity to increase tourists. Currently, many important areas for local marine biodiversity are diminishing due to coastal erosions, caused by hazard and human interventions. And without the coastal managements and wildlife preservations, it may cause an impact on the nation’s attraction towards tourists and on their economy.
People live on coasts but all coastal areas have different reasons of having people living in them. In countries like Singapore and Buenos Aires, its attractiveness of the marvelous landscape, large beaches and wildlife gave origin to settlements at the coasts. Other countries like Sydney, Manila and Istanbul contain many resources that can be extracted in the area giving job opportunities and a beneficial place for people to reside in. But the management of the coasts can affect the population number of the location to increase or decrease. If the countries properly put their effort and have the money to produce the coastal areas to be protected from hazards and maintain the natural environments, the settlements of the place will most likely continue to increase. On the other hand, if the management of the coast is poorly performed as wildlife is continuously dying and coastal erosions are constantly occurring people are most likely to move to other places. Yet if the area is over populated, it can cause a conflict to the area as well. Areas with a high population density, where the percentage of the population is undoubtedly greater than the percentage of land present, will cause a negative impact on the countries economy as they will need to import more resources for the great number of people. Also, if this area is holding problems like rising sea levels and coastal erosions, there will be a loss in the land for people to live on. Costal management effects the settlements in the area and can impact the population density of the location.
Coasts are important for transportation and extraction of resources. People are able to travel to different locations by ships and from airports that are built mainly near the coast, as it is a safe way for airplanes to depart from. Not only are the coasts able to transport people by ship from place to place, but is a port that enables the export and import of goods. Certain supplies are necessary for humans to live their life and stay healthy but not all countries have all the resources people need. This is when the ports are handy. All kinds of supplies can easily be retrieved from different countries from the transportation by ship. Also these coastal areas are great locations to extract resources like fishes, oil, petroleum and much more. These resource extractions may be vital for the countries economy as well as a supply for the people of the area to use daily. But currently, humans are destroying the underwater ecosystems and limit our extraction of resources. An example is pollution. Pollution is not only an issue for the animals in the sea, but will become a big problem for us because of the decrease in resource extraction of the scarce fishes for the humans. When we do not manage the plastic waste in a sustainable manner, we are polluting not only the oceans but also ourselves. The coasts are important for humans to be able to travel, transportation of goods using the ports and for resource extraction.

Careful coastal management is not only necessary for the current time period but is important for the future generation. This preservation of the coast can be achieved by sustainable development between the environment, economy and society. The environment or the wildlife is important to be maintained for geographical purposes but also for tourism. The tourism and other components including resource extractions impact the economy of the coastal areas. Then comes the human society, that continuously produce efficient transportation routes for goods and people , and are enjoy settling in the coast. Although there are many negative elements (like pollution, human interactions), the efforts many countries are making to help preserve the wildlife and the land pays for some of the negative impacts we are making. Examples include the improving engineering techniques to reduce the effect on the land from erosions like groynes, sea walls, rock armors and etc. Most countries’ coasts had different factors of importance historically but the cautious preservation, allow the current people have the opportunity to have coastal areas in good conditions. It is important for the people to perform proper protection and conservation of the general resources for future generations.

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