Social Studies 10

Land Use Assignment

1) You own a Mexican restaurant, and you are interested in moving to Rokko Island. Where would you locate your business? Why?

I would locate my Mexican restaurant in the middle of Island Center which is known to have the most people or at the coast near the industrial side of Rokko Island. The restaurant will be small, which will cost less due to the limited amount of land and materials I consume, just in case it does not succeed.

Firstly, I may want to locate a restaurant at the coast near the industrial side of Rokko Island to attract workers coming out of factories.  Rokko Island has many factories and shipping sites, bordering the whole island. With my restaurant in one of these areas at the coast of Rokko Island, I may have a good profit from all the workers from the factories. But despite this idea, I think Island Center would be a better location to place my business because it is a  highly populated area and attracts many people around that area.

I would place another restaurant in the middle of Island Center because by looking at the map, we see that the residential area is all compacted in the middle, mostly surrounding the Island Center area. Large residential areas indicate that there are many settlements at that area, which would increase the chance they will come and eat at my restaurant. Because Island Center itself already bring in many people for its various commercial land use, providing the area with another restaurant could attract those groups of people. Also, Island Center is close to the transportation route for the people as well. If my restaurant was close to the Rokko liner station, I may have a higher profit because many people will be coming out of the station and going in to the station. The transportation route will be an advantage for me as it is a necessity for people to use in order to travel from the Rokko Island to another place. So, people will constantly be going around that area to use that transportation route  and my restaurant may bring in many of those people. Not only is there a Rokko Liner, but there are various bus stops at Island Center. Finally, Island Center is a great place to locate my business because it is surrounded by many schools and educational buildings. If my restaurant were to be close to these educational buildings, it could attract many students and possibly the faculty because of the convenience of the restaurant being close to the school. Overall, Island Center is the best place to locate my restaurant because of its interaction with the residential area, transportation, and educational area, which will attract many people to my business and be a good profit for me.

2) You work for the Urban Development Office of Rokko Island. You are trying to identify areas of improvement for land use on Rokko Island. Make two recommendations to the Mayor of Kobe that you think Rokko Island should do over the next 5 years related to land use.

I would recommend to the Mayor of Kobe that Rokko Island should increase the commercial and recreational use of the island. These improvements will allow this island to attract more people and save it from becoming a boring area.

Firstly, I think Rokko Island should increase it’s commercial use of the island. Although there are several restaurants, convenient stores, and stores, Rokko Island is constantly closing down many of these businesses. There used to be many small stores in RINK that people would go to and even the movie theatre that has currently closed down. Because of this, Rokko Island has lost many peoples interest and is gradually having a decrease in its population. The Mayor of Kobe should think of adding more commercial buildings into the island and fill all the empty lands to attract more people from outside and provide the residents of Rokko Island to  have access to various goods and services. They may also want to consider placing more shopping brand businesses for young people like Forever21, H&M, and Uniqlo, as they will attract more people. Because the island currently have about no where for theses young people to ‘have fun’ or enjoy the island, they are not motivated enough to stay on the island or go to the island to hang out with their friends. Thus, by increasing the commercial use of Rokko Island, it will be beneficial for both the people, to have fun, and the Mayor, as there will be an increase in profit and people.

Currently it is true there are some recreational use in the area and the attempts of gaining more people from the water park and many sport fields. However, this is not enough to positively attract many people into Rokko Island. Because there are many young people and students at Rokko Island, they want more areas in which they could have fun with their friends. The water park is a great idea for the island to attract more people, yet it is only useful in the summer and is practically useless in any other days of the year. As for all the sport fields, these only attract athletic people who love to play sports. These kinds of fields only become useful for sports teams or school sports but not something that could be used to have fun with friends. In your group of friends not everyone will love playing sports or is overly active as another. This may be a reason why not many people choose to hang around the island to have fun, yet they use the transportation route to go to other places like Sannomiya to enjoy the time they have. Also, there are many open spaces and lands that are not used for anything, which could be a best area to place some recreational use. By providing more recreational sites that will provide ‘fun’ to everybody no matter what they like to do and something that could be in use throughout the whole year, it can develop Rokko Islands urbanization and attract more people.

3) You are the Project Manager for the Coastal Management Task Force for Rokko Island. You need to make three recommendations for future coastal management for Rokko Island. List out your three recommendations, explain why you are recommending them, list any disadvantages they may have. Finally, explain how the stakeholders related to the changes would feel.

As the Project Manager for the Coastal Management Task Force for Rokko Island, I would recommend to improve the transportation, tourism and resource extraction for future coastal management for Rokko Island.

First of all, I  recommend the increase of transportation routes because it will be economically beneficial to Rokko Island. Because Rokko Island is surrounded by bodies of water, it’s coasts are great routes for importing and exporting goods to other places. As shipping is known to be the least expensive way to transport goods to other countries, Rokko Island can take this advantage of the coast and increase their transportation system for an increase in the profit. The disadvantages they may have from this recommendation are decrease in tourism and increase in factories. Because there will be more ships needed, tourists are unlikely to want to visit the island for the view of the ocean polluted with ships and boats constantly passing by. Also, the increase in the transportation of goods will need more workers and factories near the coast of the island. This could alter the habitats and the tourism as there will be more factories and less natural areas. It will enable more people to have job opportunities and restaurants to gain more resources for cheaper and faster. The increase in the transportation routes will help the island to ship in resources for cheaper and faster from various countries, thus Rokko Island can gain profit.

Tourism should also be improved by increasing more recreational use of the island. Although there are some recreational activities, it is not enough to attract many people to come visit Rokko Island. It is apparent that Rokko Island is surrounded by water and although there are a lot of factories, there are open lands as well. All those open fields can be used to build recreational sites or buildings that can allow people to enjoy the sea side as the scenery is pretty decent. They could even create events like fireworks during the summer to gain more tourists to come to the island. The disadvantage is the amount of money that will be spent on the process of building these recreational sites. It is not cheap to build buildings or even places where people can enjoy the activity. The stakeholders for this recommendation are the people that live on the island, a.k.a islanders. The recreational sites that will be built will create traffic and the island more populated. It may also make the island more polluted with trash since tourists will take over the island. But not all the islanders will reject this idea, some will like the idea to increase more recreational sites because there will be more things to do on the island. It can help develop and improve their lives on the island. Thus, the improvement of tourism by building recreational use of land can benefit the island.

Lastly, I recommend Rokko Island to improve on their resource extraction system. Along the coast, I was able to spot many fishes and people fishing in the sea. This indicates there are many resources and fishes that could be extracted in Rokko Island. These extractions can benefit the island as they can gain a high profit and increase markets that will benefit them. The fishing industry is not very big in Rokko Island right now and so by developing this system, it may attract more fishermen and people into the island as well. Also, because there are already a lot of industry and factories already on the island, it may be easy to work with the fishes that have been fished. Also, the transportation route (shipping) is close by and so the fishes can be exported very quickly as well. The disadvantages of this is that the scenery will be ruined and an impact on the ecosystem under the water will be apparent. The stakeholders will be people who are interested in the research under the water and people who support the ecosystem.

Overall, I would recommend Rokko Island to  improve the transportation, tourism and resource extraction for future coastal management for Rokko Island.

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