World Literature

Reflecting the Year

During the course of the year, we worked on many topics such as short stories, poetry, plays, and absurdism. It was great to work from different aspects of literature and experience learning various genres of writing. Poetry was quite difficult for me because I am not very confident in analyzing poems. I tend to over think the content of the poem and end up going too far from the message in which the speaker is trying to send across. The plays, like Fences and Antigone, were fascinating because of the author’s various usage of techniques in the conversations between characters, which helped readers to understand the story. Although as a whole, I personally liked the absurdist and surrealist stories as it brought a different take in  literature, compared to other stories I have read in the past. These topics are very unique and brings a sense of confusion and doubts, yet adds a twist in the story. Working with these various writing styles, I was able to both develop my writing and improve on my weaknesses.

After reading and analyzing various papers written by different speakers, my writing has developed as I have incorporated the several writing techniques into my work. I was able to both improve and find my weakness in writing throughout the year. By becoming more confident in the contents and more usage of vocabulary, it enabled me to strengthen my writing skills. During the year, we learned the different templates in which we should follow when writing in a specific style, like for commentaries and persuasive writings. These templates became a guideline for me and it became easier to write. My weakness is the organization of the writing and analyzing poems. I tend to think too deeply about the poem and end up going too far from the basic theme of the poetry. Also, I have to become more comfortable presenting in front of people because I tend to rush or forget what to say when I do presentations or speeches.

I am slightly worried about next years English class because of my lack of confidence in writing. Although I may have improved throughout the year, I still do not believe writing is my strongest subject. The fact that I am taking HL Literature worry me in some aspects but there is a slight feeling of excitement as well. Next year I would like to strengthen my writing skills even more and enable myself to work harder in order to improve my weaknesses, especially in poetry. Perhaps by reading more books, participating in class more, and analyzing more poems could help me achieve my goal. Overall, I enjoyed being in this years English class as it was challenging but entertaining at the same time. I hope to continue to improve my English skills and achieve something greater than what I already have.

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