HL 1 Biology

6.6b Male Reproduction & IVF

<<Male Reproduction>>

  • presence of tdf in embryo develops gonads to testes = male 
  • testosterone is the cause of the male genitalia development
  • Roles of testosterone
    • prenatal development of male genitalia
    • development of  sexual characteristics
      • genitalia development
      • spermatogenesis
      • larynx growth
      • pubic hair
      • muscle/bone development
      • behavior
    • sex drive

<<IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)>>

  • is fertilization outside of the body (on a petri dish)
  • Process
    • FSH injections into female = stimulates more than one follicle to mature
    • HCG helps follicles mature
    • suction of secondary oocytes into syringe
    • donation of sperm from male
    • clean sperm, mix with eggs in petri dish/ directly inject into egg
    • at most 4 embryos that developed in the petri dish put in uterus
    • one/more embryos will develop if successful
    • pregnancy test to check progress
    • additional embryos frozen for future use
  • Ethical issues
    • donator of sperm may not be from legal marriage partner
    • competition for sperm from ‘perfect’ males


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