HL 2 Biology

D.4: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium



a) Frequency of sickle cell allele:

  • Genotype Hbs
  • If q=frequency of bs allele, q2= 0.053 so q= 0.230
  • If p= frequency of H allele, p= (1-q)=0.770

b) Percentage of population that are carriers of sickle cell allele

  • 2pq = 2(0.77*0.23)= 0.3542= 35%

c) The high frequency of the sickle cell allele in these ethic groups, despite the serious consequences of sickle cell anemia is present as the those who are carriers began to adapt and become resistant to other diseases, such as malaria. As these carriers become resistant and stronger to surviving other diseases than those with homozygous dominant alleles, the frequency of the alleles increases. Thus, this protective factor enables the high frequency of people with sickle cell allele to have a stronger surviving rate.

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