HL 2 Biology

6.5b Synapses

DBQ: Parkinson’s Disease (p.257)

1 a) L-Dopa acts as a precursor, increases production of dopamine increases as the L-Dopa acts as a precursor to Dopamine.

b) Selegeline inhibits MAO-B, which helps the dopamine from breaking down thus the dopamine is preserved for a longer time.

c) As tolcapone inhibits the COMT, it would lead the L-Dopa to form dopamine, rejecting the production of another product.

d) *Agonist – “a substance that initiates a physiological response when combined with a receptor”. Since the ropinirole is an agonist of dopamine, the production of dopamine is further initiated.

e) Safinamide prevents the neurotransmitters to break down causing the production of dopamine-secreting neurons to continue for longer, relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

2  a) The stem cell therapy may be one cure for Parkinson’s disease in the future. By using the cultivated cells by the stem cells, neurons may be produced to replace neurons that are no longer working. This would help relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and eventually cure the disease.

b) Gene therapy is another method in order to cure for Parkinson’s disease in the future. Similar to the stem cell therapy, a copy of genes will be transplanted in order to replace a non-funcitonal gene. Cultured viruses may be inserted inside the body as well as a process in the gene therapy.


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